Manual oil pumping urea tube

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Size:  1.5 meters 19.99
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  • Manual oil pumping urea tube, portable and widely used manual fuel pump.
  • [Multifunctional siphon hand pump]-siphon hand pump, used for gasoline, petroleum, air, water and other common liquids, very suitable for emergency gas transportation. The liquid to be removed must be higher than the barrel flowing into it.
  • [High-quality rubber] It is made of high-quality materials and can withstand weak acid and strong alkali liquids. It can be used to extract liquids such as wine and oil. The outlet pipe can be bent freely. The pressure ball is soft, easy to use and practical. The siphon flow can be started quickly. Siphon hand pump for gasoline, petroleum, air, water and other common liquids.
  • Easy to use: The built-in outlet and inlet valves prevent backflow, direct extraction, and the liquid flows out within 5 seconds. The arrow indicates the direction of flow.
  • Multi-function: lightweight and portable manual delivery pump, very suitable for vehicles without anti-theft filters, such as lawn mowers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, etc.
  • Wide range of uses: The manual water pump is used for fuel gasoline, diesel, gasoline water and other common liquids, and can also be used as a water changer for household fish tanks.
  • Note: The liquid to be pumped must be higher than the barrel into which it flows. The end of the joint must remain inside the fluid, not just on the surface.
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