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Say goodbye to expensive manicures and pedicures with a salon-style pedicure at home with our rechargeable, flawless foot electronic callus remover.

This rechargeable device does it all - instantly and painlessly removes and smoothes unsightly calluses, chapped skin and rough areas.

Features and Benefits
  • Double
  • speed
  • including header
  • 1 thick
  • 1 fine
  • Chargable
  • Lithium Ion Battery

About this project
  • Keep your feet healthy and clean - calluses on your feet can cause inflammation, heel pain, and even bleeding. Also, they don't look pretty. With the powerful rotating drum at 2,400 RPM, you can easily remove calluses and dead skin. Keep your feet healthy and beautiful with a reliable electric callus remover.
  • Ergonomic design? In addition to its stylish design, this foot washer is also ergonomically designed to provide the most convenient and satisfying experience. It has an easy-to-grip handle, and the vertical design of the swivel roller provides the perfect angle for removing calluses from your feet. A flashlight on the side provides a better view of the area to be cleaned. Also, you don't need to soak your feet in water before using the scrubber. It can be used for dry skin.
  • Adapt to your needs? The rotating power of the drum can be adjusted by the power button. Switch between levels 1 and 2 depending on the thickness of the callus to be removed. It is also equipped with 2 types of rollers. One is a thick roller for stubborn calluses and the other is a soft roller for sensitive skin or everyday use.
  • LONG LIFE BATTERY - When fully charged, this cordless electric calluse remover can work continuously for 60 minutes. Charge the product with the included USB charging cable (*adapter not included). The LED indicator turns red when charging and turns green when charging is complete. A full charge takes about 120 minutes.
  • Easy to maintain? After using the product, remove the roller from the body area and clean with the included brush while rinsing with water. Be careful not to get the body of the product wet as it is not waterproof.
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