Car/Motorcycle/Bicycle Outline Marking Anti-collision Warning Reflective Sticker

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Color:  Red
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Waterproof reflective stickers outdoor safety warning lighting stickers, used for car, bicycle, motorcycle rim

Self-adhesive DIY decorative reflective decals

  • High quality and durability-reflective stickers have a strong reflective effect, and the reflected light can still be seen 300 meters away from the light source. Reflective stickers are wear-resistant, waterproof and have a long service life.
  • Materials and Uses-Using the highest level of reflective materials, our reflective tape can be pasted on any surface used outdoors and indoors, metal, wood, plastic and nylon.
  • The working principle of reflective stickers-using the principle of prism reflection to reflect light, the stronger the light illuminating the reflective stickers, the stronger the light reflected by the reflective stickers. (Please note that the reflective sticker itself does not emit light, it can only reflect light in a bright environment.)
  • Practical-widely used in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. Reflective stickers are not only body decoration, but more importantly, people and vehicles around you can notice the cyclist and serve as a good warning.
  • Wide range of applications-The reflective tape serves as a warning and reminder for road transportation facilities, cars, vehicles, bicycles, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. It is also ideal for DIY decoration.

Size: about 0.4 inches wide and 32 inches long

Color: red, blue, white, green, yellow.

  •  Due to manual measurement, please allow some slight measurement deviation.
  • Due to different lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture.


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