All-inclusive diamond airbag membrane against falling and vibration(Samsung)

$14.99 $19.99 Save 25%
Modell:  Samsung S20
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Do you know that the old "new borderless film" is actually a non-full-screen film? The edges are not covered!
Talk about protection! Talk about explosion-proof and fall-proof! Our all-inclusive diamond airbag membrane against drop and vibration is here!


  • Hardness improvement: resistance to level 10 explosion protection, explosion-proof increased by 40 times. The airbag rebounds, dissolves the impact and reduces the risk of a screen breakage by 99%

  • Upgrade against falls: make a record of falls, increase falls by 50 times, effectively decompose impact force when falling, reduce bumps and falls
  • Scratch Resistant Upgrade: It's hard enough to be explosion proof. Tens of thousands of friction points leave no marks, no fear of daily scratching, the surface is as bright as new

  • Coverage upgrade: full screen coverage, full screen protection, full upgrade margin do not decrease
  • Field of view upgrade: high resolution, highly transparent, highly precise translucent molecules, clearer visual colors and improved screen reality
  • Anti-fingerprint upgrade: almost no fingerprints, anti-fingerprints increased 20 times, physical efficiency, antifouling, deep cleaning, no fingerprints, long-term use like new

    • Eye protection upgrade: block harmful blue light, reduce eye fatigue, bless the light wave to protect eyes, and stay away from harmful blue light
    • Process upgrade: induction is not blocked, face recognition in seconds, precise opening without damage, fast face induction