Toilet Plunger

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  • Major advantages of products can be easily cleared.
  • Inflatable plug. Applicable to a variety of household pipes, toilets, toilet bowls, floor drains, easy to block the outlet, the air can be dredged, simple operation, do not hurt the pipeline.
  • Reject defective items and disposable tools. The built-in spring increases the tensile force and is not easily broken by bending.
  • Apply a variety of pipes. The odorless, non-toxic and non-harmful characteristics of the plug material can play a good effect in uneven and irregular, irregular shaped holes, and can be completely sealed to irregular shapes such as toilet water holes.
  • Ergonomic handles. Humanized pump handle, ergonomic arc, comfortable grip, long-lasting use is not tired.


  • Use More Water When Using, Not Easy To Splash Water. When Using It For The First Time, It Is Recommended To Use Other Items To Stop It So As Not To Splash Yourself.
  • If The Pipe Is In A Semi-Blocking State, It Is Recommended To Place Some Pieces Of Toilet Paper To Make The Pipe Close To Complete Blockage, And The Effect Is Better.


  • Color: Gray.
  • Weight: 1550g.
  • Overall length: 25.9 inches / 66CM.
  • Material:ABS & Rubber.

Package Contents:

  • 1 X Toilet Plunger.
  • 1 X Dredge The Body.
  • 1 X Rubber Base.
  • 4 X Plug.
  • 1 X Conversion Head
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