Car windshield heater

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  • Car windshield heaters, essential products for defrosting, deicing, defogging, heating in the car, and guaranteeing supplies for safe driving.
  • Car heater, 12V 150W portable car glass defrosting and defogging electric heater, with 1.5M power cord, heating and cooling, windshield defogger in winter.
  • [Two-in-one design] The car heater adopts two-stage adjustment, dual-switch heating and cooling, one machine has multiple functions and is easy to operate. Strong wind can refresh the air quickly. Hot air can be quickly heated, defrosted, defogged and deiced.
  • [Safe use] The car heater adopts a cigarette lighter plug and a built-in fuse, which automatically cuts off the power when there is a safety hazard, which is safer and more worry-free. At the same time, a 1.5-meter-long power cord is used, which can be placed in the car at will, without pressure, and safety.
  • [Easy installation] The car heater adopts a 360° rotating design, and the base rotates without dead angles. At the same time, it can also be detachable, with a slot, which is practical and convenient. Storage is more convenient.
  • [Efficient heat dissipation] The car heater adopts a grille-style air outlet design, with concentrated air outlet, long transmission distance, wide area, durable, no rust, and no dust accumulation. The scientific air outlet of the electric heater, wide fins, heat up quickly.
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