Car Nano Bracket

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Magnetic phone car holder, universal fixed (2 pack) instrument panel magnetic car holder holder, for mobile phones and mini tablets with fast and fast technology, magnetic phone holder

  • Complementary guide design: The complementary design of the magnetic mount fits on the back of any smartphone. The surface of the magnetic stand is smooth, which is very suitable for mounting and fixing any smartphone in the proper position. Magnetic car holder
  • Powerful magnetic mount: The enhanced magnetic mount of this mount separates it from other mounts. This universal magnetic stand produces a powerful attraction and can hold any smartphone. Including Android, Apple, Blackberry and Microsoft devices.
  • Rotate the display: Rotate the smartphone and rotate the display as needed. No matter how much you rotate or rotate, the bottom of the mount will always stick to your car dashboard and will not move. This ensures that your smartphone will always remain in your preferred location.
  • WIZGEAR STURDY base: The high-quality rubber structure of the base is unique and powerful. It can ensure that the base of the base firmly fixes the magnetic head of the base, regardless of road vibration or impact, can help you fix the smartphone in the proper position
  • Will not block the ventilation holes, and the windshield of the car. Just stick it on the car, and its usability is 10 times easier than any other mount.


  • 1XCar Nano Bracket
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