Bed Sheet Corner Grippers

Color:  BLACK-(4 PCS)
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Never worry about messy or wrinkled sheets again

A good night of sleep is essential to leading a healthy life and of course, your bed is the foundation upon which a solid night of slumber is built. This is where the Bed Sheet Corner Grippers can help you the most! You can't get the rest that you need if your bed sheet keeps moving and make your bed uncomfortable.

This fastener is made of sturdy clips and heavy duty cords that will grip your bed sheets firmly all the time. The built-in plastic clenching system protects the fabric from being damaged while holding it tightly in place. It keeps fitted sheets from sliding off and its corners in place. The thick and wide bands ensure a stronger and more durable holding.

It works perfectly with a variety of beddings like linens, mattress pads, table linens, ironing board covers, slipcovers and more. You can now say goodbye to those loose sheets in the morning!


  • Holds the sheet firmly in place
  • Keeps sheet tidy all the time
  • Stretch from 5.7" to approx 10.5", Adjustable lock making straps usable on different sized beds,Sheet suspenders queen, king& twin; Bedding accessories
  • Wideband and sturdy clips provide a secure and stronger grip
  • Fits all kind of sheet sizes
  • Adjustable buckle to allow the desired length
  • Easy to put and keeps corners in place with minimal effort
  • The built-in clenching system is made of plastic to protect your fabric from damage or tearing



  • Material: Plastic Buckle + Elastic + Metal Clips
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